Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Use Honey for Anti-Acne Care and Moisturiser

We do not have to look far for safe and effective skin care solutions. Manuka honey has been used by people centuries ago for medicinal purposes. It has also been used for skin care purposes.

If wedding planning is stressing you out, and you are prone to breakouts, then Manuka honey may be good for you to use. Manuka honey has the ability to absorb impurities from the pores in the skin, making it an ideal cleansing agent. It is especially effective in fading red marks and killing bacteria.

The cause of acne infection is a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. The pores or follicles in the skin become blocked, preventing the sebum from escaping to the surface and the acne bacteria infects the trapped sebum. This leads to an increase in white blood cells in the localized area of the follicle blockage resulting in inflammation, redness and pain.

With regard to acne, Manuka honey is effective in a number of ways. Manuka honey penetrates the epidermis of the acne infection far better than synthetic medications. Once at the seat of the acne infection, it quickly controls the acne bacteria. The presence of Manuka honey also helps to break up and release the blockage of individual follicles leading to the cause of acne. Manuka honey's anti-inflammatory action helps to eliminate any pain present.

Read on to find out more benefits to using Manuka honey in your pre-bridal skin care regime.

Discover the Joys of Using Honey As Moisturizer
By R Kalpana

Don't you just hate it when you get dry skin and the moisturizer you use is not compatible to your skin type? Perhaps you haven't heard before but over the years, people use honey as moisturizer and it has proven to be one of the most effective for all types of skins.

Since time immemorial, honey has been widely known to be used as a food ingredient as well as for medical treatment. As a matter of fact, ancient people had used honey not only in their drinks as sweeteners, but even as embalming component for their dead pharaohs.

Honey is an animal by-product, both complex and natural and is produced by bees through the nectar that came from different flowers which are then processed to serve different purposes. Many of us may not be aware, but the truth is that honey as moisturizer has been used for ages and not just as an ingredient for our food or even in our medical remedies.

Many people have doubted if honey could really be as effective as people say it is to use on our skin. However, scientific studies have shown and proven that the micro-nutrients found in this natural sweet delicacy have the most beneficial effects that helps us maintain or transform our skin to its natural healthy glow.

Honey is mostly composed of a combination of fructose and glucose which are components generally needed in the regeneration of cells. Subsequently, these ingredients help nurture our skin making honey as moisturizer the best non-artificial product to pamper our skin with.

This natural product has been used throughout the years as an effective healing agent, specially combined with other biological and organic products. Moreover, recent tests have proven that it is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant agent because of the abundance in vitamins and minerals in its composition.

There is a particular type of honey known for having the highest percentage of essential elements that helps rejuvenate the skin. This kind of honey is produced by bees that feed on a plant called Manuka; which is where this type of honey was named after.

Huge amounts of anti-oxidants and other minerals and vitamins have been found in Manuka honey. These natural compounds fight the free radicals that cause our bodies to decay and age.

Manuka honey as moisturizer is an effective anti-oxidant agent that helps you fight off the signs of premature aging as well as skin chaffing because it serves as rejuvenating product for your skin. Without the free radicals, your skin becomes healthier and produces an after-glow that surely lights up your countenance and makes you look younger than your actual age.

So do yourself a favor and get your hands into one of the most advantageous natural agent there is today. Why be bothered by dry and aging skin, when you can have a smooth and glowing skin without worrying of harmful side-effects by using artificial skin products; just by using honey as moisturizer.

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